My Promise, My Commitment

A Commitment to Excellence

I am committed to being the voice that represents everyone in Peel.

Not only will I be answerable to my constituency in Wards 2 and 8, I will make sure that the voices of all people in Peel who have concerns, criticisms, complements, and ideas, be heard.

My Platform

My platform is based on 3 simple ideas:

Progressive learning options to better equip schools in preparing students for a changing world, a strong and diverse community that encourages involvement and increases students’ exposure to volunteer programs and extracurricular activities, and, above all, to serve with unquestionable trust so that schools, parents, and students have a reliable contact point to carry their voices forward.

Progressive Learning

Strengthen the 21st century learning program


This includes increased focus on improving the technological literacy of students and teachers, using laptops, tablets, and available applications with high proficiency, to best prepare everyone for the growing influence of technology in the global workforce.


Promoting financial literacy


Students should be given earlier opportunities to learn about personal finances, including the role and processes of filing taxes. Exposure to these concepts from an early age will instill a clearer understanding of basic budgeting and math they will see in their everyday lives, which will help secure stronger financial futures for the next generation of students.


Increasing extracurricular activities


Students should be actively encouraged to develop their social skills and experience in different ways. In addition to athletic and arts, the schools can play a more active role by providing information on local organizations that can help students complete their volunteer hours and give students greater flexibility by pointing out organizations that can help develop specific skills the students would like to obtain for their career choices.

Strong and Diverse Community

Unquestionable Trust

Expand the volunteer program


Currently, students in secondary schools are required to complete 40 hours of volunteer service to graduate. This is a limited and unrealistic approach to teaching students the value of being a skilled professional in their career. I believe the required amount of volunteer hours should be higher but more customized, with the schools’ assistance, to students’ career choices. This way, students can gain more specific skills and reap longer benefits from their experience.




I believe a stronger relationship should be cultivated with the Peel Regional Police, as well as Municipal Fire and Emergency services. Students and parents should be regularly updated on school security and safety awareness programs which should be developed jointly with these services.


Community Awareness


Students should be introduced to the city structure and local government earlier, so they have a greater understanding of what it takes to build strong communities. I believe the curriculum should incorporate dedicated time to visit city hall, and students be given opportunities to see how policies are discussed and put into place on all levels of government.


Regular meetings with parents to answer their questions and create an information exchange platform.




Share all new educational releases in a timely manner and establish a transparent relationship with schools, parents, and students to ensure complete understanding.




Uphold the ethics and ideals of the Peel District School Board to provide all students with equal opportunities to learn. My goal will always be to strengthen the connections between schools, teachers, parents, and students, and create a safe and positive environment that fosters growth.